Safety & Quality Audits

Safety & Quality Industry Best Practices

  • Customized Standards (Internally or Externally developed)
  • Safety & Quality Internal and External Audits
  • Flight Department Operational Audits

The AMS team consists of highly qualified and accredited auditors to meet the required skills and standards to conduct the major/industry standard audit protocols of the primary organizations.

Internationally Recognized Standards such as; IS-BAO; IS-BAH; BARS; ICAO; IATA; ICAO-IOSA; ICAO-ISAGO.

AMS offers audits to any specified or required standards you may require.

Flight and Operations Manuals

 The AMS team is very experienced in the development of manuals in all areas of required documentation of certificated manuals and guidelines required by the CAA/Regulators.  AMS has the full range of operational manuals that meet the standards and requirements of the following organizations: FAA, EASA and other major CAA organizations around the world.

Manual development, including, but not limited to:

  1. Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  2. Policy & Administration
  3. Aircraft Operating Procedures
  4. Crew Training
  5. Aircraft Performance
  6. International Operations
  7. Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  8. Dangerous Goods / Haz-Mat
  9. Accident Procedures
  10. Aviation Security (AVSEC)
  11. Human Factors & Non-Technical Skills
  12. Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Exposition (CAME) Manuals
  13. Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  14. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  15. Any other specific range of operational manuals (FAA/EASA/CAA)

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