AMS is pleased to offer a totally customized Offshore Leasing Program which may prove to be a substantial cost savings and financial benefit to many business use aircraft, and serve to further protect you and your wealth.

The program we have developed is designed to not affect any of your current operations, such as flight management arrangements with your current operator (if applicable), charter lease-back arrangements you may currently have, Etc.  The program takes into consideration and complies with current U.S. tax laws (IRS), as well as FAA regulatory requirements.

The primary benefit to you is the recapture of significant funds and investments in your aviation activities, as well as protection of your privacy, liability exposure, family/estate, business/partners, and assets.

In fact, once the program is setup it should operate with no overall increase in cost to you.  It not only pays for itself, but the structure can also return substantial financial results in a protected format.  It will also create a single business entity in which all of your aviation expenses will be managed and paid, so you will have a single source to fund and transact all of your aviation activities, making accounting and cost management much more simple and straight forward.

To give you the best opportunity to consider this program we would like to present you the basic costs involved, and then a model to demonstrate the anticipated returns for your specific aircraft and activities.  Should you be interested in reviewing our model let us know and we will customize our model just for you