Flight Department Due Diligence Audits

  • In dozens of states and internationally, we have conducted and/or structured environmental due diligence investigations, including directing ASTM Phase I and Phase II site assessments, assessed compliance obligations, and allocated potential noncompliance liabilities using a variety of mechanisms in connection with acquisitions, divestitures, public and private financings, and initial and secondary public offerings. Client industries include chemical manufacturing; computer and electronics manufacturing; biotechnology research and manufacturing; aerospace; metal finishing; textiles; consumer products; publishing; waste-to-energy; waste management and disposal; power generation; medical laboratories and research facilities.
  • Advise clients in developing and updating corporate environmental programs, including comprehensive environmental principles, policies, and programs; compliance management systems; and environmental audit programs including advice about the ramifications of implementing such programs under recent federal-state audit privilege policies and legislation.
  • Assist individual clients in evaluating impact of Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 on jurisdictional issues between Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.

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