Crew Resource Services

Comprehensive, 3rd party validated identification of human and software resources to meet your customized  requirements and specifications:

  • Flight Deck Crew
  • Aircraft Cabin Crew
  • Maintenance & Engineering Technicians
  • Dispatch Personnel
  • Software programs for ensuring more effective and safe operations through data gathering and operational and safety analysis.
  • Ground Support Personnel

The AMS Team has already provided over 150+ pilots and flight attendants in the past three years to some of the most discerning individuals, including for Heads of State, Royalty, Government, Military and Airlines.

AMS is fully able to manage your crews (see aircraft management services ), thereby alleviating the need for added infrastructure, lowering overheads, with the reduced necessity for HR resources, and provide the management and operational experience necessary to adequately and professionally manage your flight department.

Most private and some corporate flight departments have a single aircraft, and normally anticipate the hiring of two pilots and a flight attendant and expect them to operate efficiently.  By the end of the first year, they find themselves a fully fledged flight department with 3-4 pilots, 2+ flight attendants and a mechanic or two. But due to the nature of the requirement to operate at  short notice and/or international flights, plus with the inevitable crew vacation times and illness, an accountant or two added to the finance department, and needing to engage either a Consultant or a Manager to manage and maintain the department and handle all of the safety and operational and compliance oversight, As you may appreciate these additional resources quickly build up adding significantly to your operating costs.

AMS can assure a smooth running flight operation with the minimum necessary crew and staff to meet the company’s mission, and all for a fixed annual fee.  Even issues such as replacement or temporary crews, pilot validations; meeting the required insurance and specific licenses, etc., will be part of our agreement.  So you only pay for the specific days of the temporary crew requirement, and not having to engage in any additional contracts, and take advantage of our Insurance introductions.

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