Aircraft Purchase and/or Lease Financing

At present, AMS focuses on the private-jet aircraft market, beyond which a discerning owner/buyer appreciates and deserves a more refined style and higher level of service that AMS can currently deliver.

AMS services include arranging the necessary offshore offices and company management for companies, trusts, etc. to keep its client’s aircraft and its client as safe as possible in order to protect their client’s investments and personal wealth.

AMS is not acting as an aircraft broker or salesperson.  What we do is to represent the owner and/or their company in the total process as their professional representative, easing the process and day-to-day issues that arise.  The AMS team will provide an owner the feeling of being its personal assistant, fully reporting the process in the style and methods most preferred, and at all times protecting an owner’s investment in time and money.

In order to provide the owner with the confidence that AMS is working towards its best financial interests, AMS does not mark-up or add services fees, which may conflict with keeping the best & lowest prices for its clients.  All of Our services will operate on a negotiated fee structure, a monthly/annual contract fee (subscription) or a bundled/packaged program structure.

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