Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance Services

With the very specialized and highly technical nature of aircraft; the high cost and the plethora of customization of a new aircraft; and aircraft that are undergoing extensive reconfiguration, modification or maintenance, your aircraft needs to be expertly reviewed and validated for the work performed, and to assure it meets your demanding requirements, as well as the obligated contractual requirements of the sale or work scope agreement.

Furthermore, the amount of documentation, certifications, records, inventory and testing required is onerous for an owner and requires a great deal of experience and knowledge to address properly.  AMS will offer the necessary oversight and acceptance work required to assure an aircraft that was ordered, built and specified has in fact been delivered, is suitable for its intended mission and is legally and factually airworthy.

  • New Aircraft Delivery
  • New Interior Modification (Green Aircraft)
  • Aircraft Refurbishment
  • Maintenance Acceptance
  • Insurance Repair Oversight & Acceptance
  • Lease Origination & Return
  • Pre-Purchase Oversight & Management


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